Goran Bogdan is in jury too ?

With us is Goran Bogdan, our 🙂 Herzegovian.
Born in Široki Brijeg is renowned theatre, television and movie actor known for: Otac (2020), Agape (2017), Fargo (2014), Sonja i bik (2012)… He graduated from Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb after which he enrolls in Academy of Dramatic Art. He is a member of Zagreb Youth Theatre since 2010 and he appeared in many popular theatre productions, such as: Hamlet, Put oko svijeta u 80 dana, Koko u Parizu, Guliverova putovanja. He is also one of the main organizers of West Herzegowina Fest, festival of amateur creation.
It is our pleasure to present Goran as a member of of jury that will be assessing Your work. Welcome Goran!

foto Goran Bogdan Instagram




love Herzegovina

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