International jury

Festival 2023 is coming very soon, we are still watching, and judging many films that coming to our festival, many films are not underwater, many films have no aestetic, art, or screenplay strenght character side, but we do extra miles to make good selection for final night screening.

This year, our jury members are:

Mike Frankel USA, photographer, Woodstock 1969 official stage photographer
Jurica Gašpar HR, chief in editor
Gareth Bartlett UK, 1st Neum Grand prix winner, diver, director, vlogger
Ante Džono BiH, scuba diver from Neum
Nikša Kaleb HR, proffesional extreme scuba diver, world and olympic handball champion
Lorenzo Moscia ITA, multi media artist from Rome
Marisa Cecchetti ITA, undeewater dancer and choreographer
Clayton Conn USA, journalist, Neum underwater Grand prix winner from 2022.

2022 festival is judged by list below:

Nikša Kaleb

Ante Džono

Yaakov Rubinstein

Mike Frankel

Jurgen Gangoly

Tamara Bekčić

Vinko Ćemeraš

We prepare new 2022 festival jury board. Jury comes from variety social areas. Film, music, photography, sport, culture, marketing.

Previois 2021 festival jury members were:

Goran Bogdan

Neno Belan

Nikša Kaleb

Brankica Janković

Tamara Bekčić

Ante Džono

Daniel Koletić

Sanja Rajič Banjac