Marisa Cecchetti – she judges your movie

Marisa, graduated in Physics, has followed dance courses of all kinds: classical, modern, contemporary, hip hop, break dance, choreographic step, afro, up to the contact improvisation still practiced today.
You have also attended courses in classical theatre, physical theatre, theatrical improvisation.

She has been diving since 1997 and has the Advanced PADI, Rescue and Medic First Aid NASE, SSI patents over 100 dives, dry suit patent. She has hundreds of dives in the most beautiful and challenging seas in the world.

She holds the first level freediving certificate Apnea Academy, SSI 2°, AIDA3 and has attended yoga and freediving courses with Davide Carrera, monofin with Mike Maric, static and dynamic freediving with Umberto Pelizzari, sensitive dance in water with Claude Coldy, freediving with Carlos Coste, equalization training with Federico Mana.
She trains regularly to improve her performance in the water.

Thanks to her knowledge of Physics, she studied the dynamics of the body in water and her possibilities in dance, collecting the research carried out in a manual that is also used for dance courses in water.

With Freediving Dancer she wanted to combine the passion of dance with that of diving by creating dance videos in the water without breathing, reaching discrete depths without fins. The search for movement in water is carried out both in the pool and in the sea where it is possible to put into practice the various dance techniques compatibly with the different environmental conditions that nature offers.

She is passionate about cinema, for which she follows seminars and film reviews, she often uses particular cinematographic references and techniques in video editing experiments.
The passion for video editing is one more element of her that she has combined with freediving by making many artistic and experimental videos, some of which have been awarded.
The videos are visible on the dedicated Freediving Dancer Youtube channel.

She instructor of Apnea Dancing NADD.
Creator and co-organizer of the first deep sea freediving dance festival:
Member of under construction.
She judges at the Neum Underwater Film Festival in 2023.
Animated Cartoon Creator from 2021 with Web Cartoon Folies

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