Neum 2023: category winners

Neum – After hard jury judging, in hard competition, yesterday jury announced winner in all festival categories:

  1. Best film Grand prix: Reminder by Akin Bagcilar (Turkey)
  2. Best eco film: Polietileno by Adriana Michelson (El Salvador)
  3. Best camera: Visit the Thistelgorn by Gilles Charvet (France)
  4. Best original music: Call from the ocean, composer Vincent Berthelot, director Luca Doherty Bigara (Mauritius)

After counting votes of audience, and after second counting, film Underwater painting by Olga Belka won Audience award. Second place of Audience award, by just 3 votes , belongs to Reminder (Grand prix 2023), and 3rd place by audience is movie Schenllboot S57.

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