Official selection 2022: these are nominees

These 26 films are fighting for "Neum underwater film festival 2022" awards.
1	Beneath	Morgan Le Faucheu	France
2	Big Foot	Ana Cavazzana, Alexia Araújo	Brazil
3	Caged with Great White Sharks	Blane Henderson	USA
4	Deep Cello	Marisa Cecchetti	Italy
5	Dolphin’s House Sataya	Gilles Charvet	France
6	Flying with Mantas Socorro Islands	Blane Henderson	USA
7	Human Connection	Leon Mitchell	UK
8	If only	Shreyans Zaveri	USA
9	Intertwined	Evgeniy Shaman	
10	Lagoon	Sarah Carlot Jaber	Belgium
11	LAYERS /ˈlāərs/ - Connor Trimble	 Nainoa Langer	USA
12	Like a bride	Francesco Cabras	Italy
13	Mermaid	Maksim Kubarka	Belarus
14	Mother Sea	Giannandrea Carpanzano	Italy
15	Reef Reflections Cozumel	Blane Henderson	USA
16	Resurrection under the Ocean	Serkan Aktaş	Turkey
17	ROQUE Prelude	Banni Leclerc	Spain
18	Sailfish	Kk Araujo	Brazil
19	Salt of Life - Explore the Azores Robert Schröder, Lennart Rossenfeld	Portugal
20	Self Dive	 Diego Stavitzki	Brazil
21	The Origin - Life around the Hot Spring	Claudia Schmitt	Germany
22	The Reef	Descent Productions	Australia
23	Tiger (Shark) King	Clayton Conn	USA
24	Water Touch	Chiara Bellich	Italy
25	WaterUnderwaterVisions	Lorenzo Moscia	Italy
26	Zem Ūdens	 Jānis Romanovskis	Latvia

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