Sanja Raič Banjac, in fantastic festival jury member team ❤

Today we will introduce Sanja Raič Banjac, our fantastic Underwater film festival 2021. jury member team ❤

Sanja Rajič Banjac was born on May 7 in 1965, Sarajevo, where she graduated from the Faculty of mechanical engineering in 1989. She started working on animated film in 1997 in Zagreb. Being a computer animator (editing and processing of animated film) she has edited over 120 min of animated film in total.

She has worked on several projects such as: Adventures of the apprentice Hlapić, by Milan Blažeković- Croatia film Zagreb, set-up for Forest Striborova and Shadows, editing of author films Winter, Dolphin, The monument, Mostar Flyers, My little bay, Emina, Our business, Lilac, Linđo, A better life and Natural selection. She is in the Film workers association of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. She has also started a workshop of animated film for youth in Neum in 2003. So far she has organized 11 workshops.

The workshop held in 2007 was transmuted into a first ever festival of animated film and this year we are celebrating 16 years of Neum animated film festival.
Sanja is greath! Be with us!
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