Your underwater movies are judged by Jurica

Jurica Gašpar is a professor of history and geography by profession, but he specializes in maritime history, so after many years of work as a radio presenter, journalist and news editor, he set out in the only logical direction – to start a online magazine that will deal with the sea and people by the sea, of course maritime name, Morski HR (Seaish). He spent his childhood at the lighthouse, so in honor of his late father and the remaining lighthouse keepers, he and his crew sailed around all the lighthouses on the Adriatic and wrote the book Legends of the Light, based on which director Igor Goić made the movie Legends of The Light. Jurica has been professionally engaged in photography for many years, and now his photos and videos are used in the production of his own publishing house, Lux Media, through Morski TV, which is, of course, an integral part of the portal that has a readership of millions.

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